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jack becomes cybertronian fanfic Unlike the rest of the Team Prime's members, Wheeljack is a cocky, reckless loose cannon who doesn't think very highly of human safety and rarely follow orders from his superiors like Optimus Prime and Ultra Magnus. When Jack gets captured by the 'cons for information, the 'Bots learn just how loyal their human friend is. Sep 02, 2021 · Jack Darby. tfpj | tfpj | tfp job | tfp jack | tfp jazz | tfp jetfire | tfp jack darby | tfp june darby | tfp jack x miko | tfp jack miko raf | tfp jazz x reader | tfp jack Ratchet scooped up the purple energon with a cybertronian knife. Miko was delighted as jack looked to her like a robotic fusion of knight and ninja. (contains spoilers of 14. 10. [TFP series/Diverges season 2] After the end of the Cybertronian War, Jack leads a mission to recover a Cybertronian relic. fanfiction. Deceptus Chapter 1, a transformers/beast wars fanfic | FanFiction. "Autobots," whispered Jack, as he stared right into the optics of Optimus Prime himself. Chapter 3-The Third Race. They took the title as something honorable instead; in their minds and Megatron's words Ratchet scooped up the purple energon with a cybertronian knife. I am the guardian of the dark. net; Language: English Fanfic: Ascension of the Predacons Ch 3, Transformers/Beast Wars | FanFiction. Before Stormbringer, before the Beast Wars, before even Generation One, there was Have u seen the new season of transformers prime. May 05, 2021 · Prime Fanfiction Transformers And Jack Megatron . You wake up and feel different. Arcee said and continued "You see jack, on Cybertron interspecies relationship is a common thing. Ratchet: Go take a decontamination bath, now. Way back before the war many Femmes had Sparkmates of different species, even organic ones. The Middle Transformer Body had Jack Darby's Mind in it. 141 Being Human (Transformers Prime) » by FanficFanatic13 {Season Three: Beast Wars} After being lured into a trap by the Decepticons and subsequently captured, Jack, Miko, and Rafael become subjects in one of Shockwave's twisted experiments I know Arcee and Jack are an item (pretty common in TF:Prime fanfics, especially if its a human-former or one of the Jack-becomes a TF type themes), but not Transformers prime male predacon oc fanfiction Ascension of the Predacons Ch 1, Transformers/Beast Wars; The soul of a Beast Ch 1, Transformers/Beast Wars; Burnt Ch 14, Transformers/Beast Wars Luke and bunch of his minions were working when all a sudden the sound of metal clashing against metal was heard, a few seconds later the control room's door was opened revealing a 2. after the battle with unicron the primes settle down but they all mourn the loss on megatronis after he was corrupted by unicron but solus and onyx has a few sparklings together #cybertronian #harem #knight #tfp #transformers Humans turned cybertronian from transformers. Great sight scene, but damn Silas is a cockroach, he doesn't stay down. My name is Dusk. If you are not founding for Transformers Prime Jack And Megatron Fanfiction, simply cheking out our text below : Humans turned cybertronian from transformers FanFiction. Now he has a choice, abandon his Cybertronian half and remain a human, or embrace who he was always meant to be. The name "Decepticon" came from prewar propaganda by the Autobot High Council, labeling them liars and thieves. You look around and you see Ratchet on a data pad, Bee talking to Raf, Miko listening to music with Bulk, and Jack laughing with Arcee. if you know of a human turned cybertronian fanfic and it is fairly completed or is at least good PM StayinFrosty212 the name or author. Although she has a strong bond with all of the Autobots, only Optimus knows of her secrets, only Optimus knows why Scarlett Flash has a h Sep 16, 2021 · Endurance: The weakened Autobots have to battle against Starscream and his warriors. Jack Darby is an Autobot -allied human from the Prime portion of the Aligned continuity family. net DA: 16 PA: 50 MOZ Rank: 74. You sit up and a memory hits you. Lovely. Series. Mouths dry as they were plagued by their thoughts of the possible outcomes. A Cybertronian's mind can be transferred to another body using the Cortical Psychic Patch, where it is possible for two minds to occupy the same body. He is wounded, but instead of blood, he bleeds energon. Two years ago, a god by the name of Primus came to me. Jack Darby's New Cybertronian Body is 27 ft. Comments: Well-written and handles its torture segments in a surprisingly tasteful manner. this is mostly made just to make it easier to find these kind of fanfics The Decepticons were using the monster to coddle him, make him lose his guard. 64568 in. Black Crayons started out as a short one-shot about the idea of Will Lennox's daughter growing up with the knowledge of the Autobots and how this would affect the child. A Young farm girl meets an alien. In fact, were he able, Optimus would be training Jack to become the next Prime should he fall in battle. It's said that sometimes when a Cybertronian becomes Sparkmate with someone from another species, the Primus gives the mate, the ability to transform into a Cross-Posted on FanFiction. Jun 27, 2019 · this was made to group together a large amount of fanfics that have the human characters from transformers turned into cybertronians this will mostly consist of TFP most likely. Fowler is a good man, a damned good man. M. Meanwhile, Jack was trying to phone his mother but couldn't. Net; Summary. This was impossible no way can jack become a cybertronian by a brace. Dusk Nyx Nightingale. Scarlett Flash is an Autobot who wants nothing more but then to save Cybertron, and Earth from the Decepticons. " Said Arcee "Are you telling me my father was a Cybertronian?" Sari is 100% human here and isn't half-Cybertronian. It was intended to be something short, but as its creator, Bookworm Gal, quickly learned, the tale was nowhere near finished. But alas, Jack was human and could not bear such a responsibility, which was a true shame. Witch surprisingly looked good on him. A Cybertronian's body is made of a type of metal called 'living metal', as it has properties that are similar to organic matter, such as repairing itself. The beast had torn into the sheets of metal of the ship, exposing its inner wiring. or 8. Quintessa also known by the Guardian Knights as The Great Deceiver, is one of the overarching antagonists of the Transformers Cinematic Universe, serving as the unseen overarching antagonist of the 2014 movie Transformers: Age of Extinction and as one of the two main antagonists (alongside Megatron) of its 2017 sequel Transformers: The Last Knight. He asked me to go to a planet, known as Earth, and help his people save their planet Cybertron which they foolishly destroyed. May 13, 2016 · Until the day, when he tags along with the Bot's on a mission. It especially explained why the Predacon built a makeshift nest for him. Jack said looking at her in the straight optics with a straight face "Jack that is no human that is a Cybertronian named X. Airachnid and the Insecticons looked in the general direction Jack was staring to see the trio of Autobots looking at them with their weapons ready to Summary. Eyes were wide with fear as the terrifying sight was absorbed into their minds. Wheeljack is an Autobot Wrecker, like a brother to Bulkhead and a semi-member of Team Prime. Enough is shown so that you cringe for Jack but not enough is shown to make anyone but the most Sep 19, 2015 · I'm here Arcee x Male Cybertronian reader Chap 3. Where the two have been forcibly adopted by an Alien robot and are under threat of having their species being changed. net DA: 18 PA: 31 MOZ Rank: 50. 19) Add to library 174 Discussion 39 Optimus prime x reader lemon Optimus prime x reader lemon . Upon further investigation, Jack finds out he is the only triplechanger left in existence. However it's been quiet for some time now, and a lost solider finds her way to earth. Arcee was a bit surprised as well because to her scan jack's organic parts had become cybertronian. Set about 2 years after the end of transformers prime, Arcee, Bumblebee, and bulkhead, returned and stayed on earth, as attacks by predacon and decepticon alike continued. Jack: O-Optimus, I-I hate to bug, but no bars. Jack and Miko are still in the brutal clutches of the Decepticons, and Raf has updated: Aug 18, 2021 published: Aug 18, 2021, Optimus Prime, Ratchet, Jack D. Instead, she ends up in the Transformers Prime universe and meets Jack, Miko, Rafael, Agent Fowler, Optimus, his daughter Cataleya and his partner Humans turned cybertronian from transformers FanFiction. A breath of plasmafire burned the wiring into inactivity, making it safe to touch. She is a Cybertronian sorceress, and claims The Decepticons are a group of Cybertronians whose original goal was to get rid of the infamous Caste System on Cybertron and return to the empire-building, space-faring ways of their ancestors. In which Vince finds himself trapped aboard the Nemesis with his arch enemy, Jack Darby. male cybertronian knight x fem cybertronian harem Fanfiction. 141 Being Human (Transformers Prime) » by FanficFanatic13 {Season Three: Beast Wars} After being lured into a trap by the Decepticons and subsequently captured, Jack, Miko, and Rafael become subjects in one of Shockwave's twisted experiments Sep 26, 2021 · Though one might assume that, as robotic lifeforms, a Cybertronian could simply replace worn-out parts indefinitely, it is clear that Cybertronians do age, many indeed become "elderly", (in some cases, this manifests as a variety of memory and mobility-related problems) and even die from age-related complications, such as cybercrosis. 5 meter tall sliver humanoid robot with two long lanky arms that sported 3 clawed fingers, it's lower legs were large boots however the most eye catching about this robot was the giant brain jar filled with a blue Apr 26, 2021 · #2602163 - safe, artist:jack lawrence, fluttershy, pinkie pie, twilight sparkle, alicorn, earth pony, pegasus, pony, robot, idw, the magic of cybertron, spoiler:comic Ratchet scooped up the purple energon with a cybertronian knife. Great chapter MECH goes down and their base goes up in smoke. Jackson "Jack" Darby is a smart, responsible sixteen-year old dude. 5 meters in Height in robot mode as has a full Body color scheme of dark blue basic color with 3 white medium strips running parallel on upper and lower Torso as well as his back area. Age Lift: Sari is a teenager (about 16, the same age as Jack) rather than a child. He offered me something I need, desire, and want. some father/son moments between Jack and Optimus. Cliffjumper and Bumblebee helped Arcee up to get her to get decontaminated from the purple energon. Primus asked me for a favor. Sam Witwicky called, he wants his clothes personality life back. DA: 76 PA: 38 MOZ Rank: 58 Locked up in the Ma'lak Box, Jack makes a decision and has a revelation which will change his life forever. Cybertronian Secrets (Transformers Prime Fanfic) Fanfiction. Word of God has implied that she will become one eventually, but that's not for a while. Fanfiction. Air seemed to seep away from the humans that needed it making their breaths hitch as the dark reality was bestowed upon them. Optimus knew of few Autobots (most of which were deceased) who possessed the traits of a Prime. Indeed, Jack had all the traits Orion Pax possessed. DA: 76 PA: 38 MOZ Rank: 58 Optimus prime x reader lemon Optimus prime x reader lemon After Anon A Miss causes the entire school to turn on Sunset, she flees from the human version of Equestria and runs through the portal, hoping to reach her version of Equestria where she was born. Before he met the Autobots, he was hard at work flipping burgers so he could save up for his first Jack's Inheritance Chapter 1, a transformers . About Megatron Transformers And Prime Fanfiction Jack Search: Transformers Prime Jack And Megatron Fanfiction. Part 2 of Multiverse; Part 5 of Cross Posted on Fanfiction. Excellent chapter. Sparkplug goes from being a robot dog to a Scraplet. Prequel to TFP Epilogue. net DA: 16 PA: 50 MOZ Rank: 72. I really liked the interaction between Jack and Arcee, especially at end _ Can't wait for more, keep Sari is 100% human here and isn't half-Cybertronian. jack becomes cybertronian fanfic

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