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Precious Cargo loaded a truck for us that we drove ourselves. The roads were very rough and the truck bounced around a lot. I was very impressed when we unloaded the contents and discovered nothing was broken! They were very efficient and obviously packed the truck very well.


Two moves, 4 years apart- Precious Cargo went above and beyond both times. They were on time, carefully wrapped all furniture with blankets and shrink wrap, worked FAST- they hustled and as a bonus they were incredibly gracious when I had them move things around because I couldn't decide where I wanted them.


They called to advise they were running behind. They were still perfectly on-time. Managed to be personable and professional. Not often an easy feat. I was very impressed. I’ve recommended them and will be using them again very soon.

M King

I will use Precious Cargo Movers EVERYTIME! They were prompt with their arrival time! During the move, they made sure to inform me on why certain things needed to be wrapped and explained why they wrapped them a certain way. No matter how many questions I had, they answered every question WITHOUT STOPPING! Then, they put my things in storage very neatly and made sure that I knew how to properly secure my lock. I admired their customer service the most! Both men were very friendly. Their willing to actually take pride in their profession and their customers makes me want to refer EVERY SINGLE PERSON I COME ACROSS!


This company was great! I reached out Tuesday, they respond Tuesday, Moved my entire house Wednesday. Rates were 100x better than all other companies. Service was great. Install was great. Moved quickly and did it with care.

Mista Murphy

I needed to move at the last minute but didn’t want to pay for an expensive move just up the highway. I discovered Precious Movers on Craigslist and they didn’t disappoint. Alex & Antoine arrived during the scheduled appointment time and got all my belongings moved to my new place within my allotted time. They were professional, took care of my items and most importantly wore masks! I will definitely use you all in the future as well as recommended to others.

Renoil Simpkins

The crew arrived EARLY. -- Both men were friendly and professional. -- Nothing was damaged and -- Great price, 1/2 of what some companies quoted me. I highly recommend Jackson and his team

Alicia Mack

I have hired Precious Cargo twice because they are polite, professional and they wrap and transport my furniture with care, They are the best movers ever. I highly recommend them.

Lita Adeleye

We hired Precious Cargo Movers after a recommendation from our friends and have since recommended them to several other friends! They were on time, courteous, professional and did a WONDERFUL job. All of our items were handled with care (nothing broken, scratched, or missing) and they worked hard. There were no additional fees tacked on and we felt like they got the job done as quickly as possible without sacrificing quality of work. They even went above and beyond and helped my fiance and I move furniture to the dumpster that we were not moving to our new home. We've already decided we will use them for our next move. Thank you again!

Krysta and Brendan Gorta

I found these guys by accident while searching for a different moving company online. It was a happy accident because I was so impressed with their professionalism and courtesy that I decided to hire them anyway. When moving day came, the movers were on time, courteous and quick. We came in just under the minimum time for the move. That was with two pick ups too. Since Covid, every thing has become more complicated. I was just impressed how uncomplicated this move was. Thank you!

Jax Monk

I was very impressed with Precious Cargo Movers. I’ve used other well know “two men” companies but these are by far the best. So responsive and punctual. They did everything they promised. They email you the contract BEFORE they arrive so you know what you’re signing on the day of the move as opposed to being handed a five page fine print document that you’re paying the hourly rate to read! All of the terms of the contract were reasonable and merely restated what they told me on the phone. No upfront signing and no prepayment required and the cost was exactly as estimated. They were very careful with my stuff but worked quickly to accomplish the move. The guys were really friendly and personable. Chianti and Serrock (sorry if I misspelled) were great. Consider me a permanent client—I’ll definitely be using them again and have already recommended them. Thanks guys! Louise W

Louise Warring

Super flexible. Very kind and professional. You would be happy to hire such an excellent, reliable moving service. Can’t say enough great things. Give them a call today!