Precious Cargo Movers came in and saved the day for me. I had just driven 7 hours from another state and received horrible service from the original moving company that I’d booked who eventually left without touching anything in my moving truck because they were “unprepared”.  As I’m standing outside of my new apartment with a packed truck, I found Precious Cargo Movers online and called. They were very professional, understanding, and most importantly, fast. The contract was sent to me while I was on the phone with them and movers arrived in less than 2 hours. The guys who physically moved my items were also professional, well prepared for the job (had moving equipment ready), and again, so fast! They had me moved in in no time. The guys were nice and kept me laughing which made me feel better after having such a rough morning. I’m so thankful for Precious Cargo Movers. Again, you guys really saved the day and I appreciate your great customer service. 10 stars!!